Do You Know you are losing a Lot of Customers,
Just Because of, POOR BRANDING

Its Time to Turn your Business into
A Promising & Profitable Brand

Business, Establishing A Business, Startup, Target

Micro Business? Services Business?

Do You also Need to Brand??

YES, as Much As a Big or Services Company Needs it !!

But Why,
Why Branding is Even More Important than before??

Think, Think Again Why??

And What,
What is Branding Exactly??

For Those who think, Having a Great and Good Looking Logo is Branding. or Having Bunch of Visiting Cards, an Office, a Website is Branding, You probably got it wrong my friend.

A company’s brand isn’t a logo.

Education, Woman, Girl, Team, Presentation, Skills, CanBrand is More about The Emotion, Trust, a Promise and The Feeling,

That Makes Your Customers stick to your Business for Getting benefits or Services


Firstly, People are Ready to Search on Google,

People are Ready to Upload your Pictures on Instagram,

Not Because Its Google or Its Instagram,

Its Because, They Trust Google and Instagram.

They have a Feeling about These Companies that they are not going to do something wrong with their data.


Well Secondly, Have you Ever Used ORKUT, A Popular Social Media Network before Facebook Comes out.

Why People Stopped Using Orkut and Shifted Towards Facebook

Not Because, They Stopped Trusting Orkut,

Because Orkut stopped fulfilling the Promise,

Facebook Adopted New Features and Started to Connect with People Needs and Desires,

That’s Made it Blast and Now Facebook is the Legend Out There.

Branding is More About Connecting with Your Customers, Building a Trust they you care about them and their needs, Building this Emotion of Affinity.

So Now,
Why Branding is Even More Important than before??

Because……………… There are So Many Reasons😁

People are Tired of Fake Companies, Poor Services, Poor Products and There is So Much Competition out There, and People are not running for discounts and cheap services anymore, People Needs the quality.

Well, Let me Explain One by One


1. Brands Signify Your Intent

That Does Make Sense Right. Branding reflects a bold proclamation that your business makes. It tells your audience that you mean business (literally!) and are here to keep all the promises made by your company.

Everything that your business illustrate should be easily recognizable throughout the brand. Otherwise, Your Customers will notice this gap between what you promised and what you actually provided. A Good Branding Strategy Ensures that you are bridging this gap and satisfying your customers.


2. Branding Helps You Outdo Competition

People out there are Aware and Well Informed. Your Customers Do Research about what alternatives they have and what exactly they can do. Most of People Seeks for Customers Reviews and Testimonials Before doing business with you. So, If You are Focusing on getting known as a Trust-able & Promising Brand by Building this Trust and Satisfying Clients. You are more likely to preferred more than your Competition.


3. Branding Harnesses the Power of Emotions

If you give your customers a good enough reason to feel strongly about why they should care about your business (which can only happen if you convince them about what it can do for them).


4. Market is More Quality Driven, Not Discount Driven Anymore

There was a time when Businesses used to Provide Discounts and Rebates to Drive more sales to the Business and People used to Trust. But Now a Days, People are not Seeking for Discounts People are seeking for the Quality. The Quality of Product as well as Services.


5. Branding Builds Trust

As I Said Earlier, Why You Use Google, Because You Trust it More. But Why You Trust More. It is Also All about the Quality of Service. Google makes sure about the Quality and this impress Users which build trust and People are more likely to pay in return as said in above Power of Emotion.


6. A well-defined brand will guide advertising and marketing

When it Comes to Marketing and Advertising, What Happens. What Happens in Your Mind when you see an Advertisement. First thing you do is check who is advertising, You check for the Brand/Company. If it is new, you probably skip it. You are probably going to learn more if you already knew the company, If you had a good experience with this Business, or Maybe your friend had. So, If You Create this Emotion. Emotion of What you want your client to feel about your brand, Things Becomes far more easier in Advertising.


7. A strong brand engages and aligns employees

When you have a well-defined brand and a clear internal communication strategy, people feel better about working for you. And when they feel better about working for you, they stay longer, move and think a little bit faster and don’t get distracted by nonsense as easily.

and employees are no different than customers.


8. Branding Defines the Future

A Well Defined Brand leads to a Great Future for the Business. You get Good Business to Business Relations as well as Business to Customer Relations. People Start Recommending your Business and it all happens with the Services your Provide but maintained and Recognized by Your Brand. 

Business, Establishing A Business, Startup, Target

It Do Sounds Easy, But Believe Me, It Needs More Efforts. . .

Yes, We have the Solution for You!

Our Company Work Together with Your Business and Helps You to Build Your Brand.

But How

By Joining

DrabDigital Ultimate Branding Campaign

Here is What You Will Get

* Help you to Define Your Ultimate Business Mantra, Which Your Business is Going to Work on.

* On Basis of the Business Goal and Help you Find out Your Target Audience and Customer.

* Brand Identity Design, Which Comprises of Logo Designing, Brand Colors Based on Color Psychology of your Business Goal, Business Cards, Print Heads and Other Brand Identity Documents.

* Modern Website what Represent your brand and Business.

* Train Your Employees (Who are Assigned to do) How to Manage Social Media for Your Brand and Also, Come Up with Monthly Social Media Strategy to Increase the Brand Awareness among People.

* Weekly Tutorials and Strategies to Build Your Brand

You can Cancel the Membership Anytime, If You Want

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I hired DrabDigital Services 2 Years ago for Brand Identity. They did fantastic work and I already increased my Sales to 4 Times. I will Recommend Every Business in Himachal to Prefer them, They are local, highly talented and friendly.

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A Promising & Profitable Brand

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